TWANA CHEMAKUM KLALLAM Indian Tribes 1887 weapons history Washington Territory

This complete original article is from an 1887 US museum report, which was likely published in the following year. It has 77 pages of text, (text pages are numbered 605-681); very uncommon, first appearance in print; not illustrated.
An extensive and informative work on THE TWANA, CHEMAKUM AND KLALLAM INDIANS OF OF WASHINGTON TERRITORY, with sections (and subsections) titled:
Names and Situations of These Tribes (Twana / Twanas, Chemakum / Chemakums / Tsemakun, Klallam; Queen North and the Colcine Indians; A Fight With A Grizzly Bear; History by the Whites; Progress; Medicines, Houses, Clothes, Implements, Social Customs, Morals); Surroundings (Geological Environment, Outline and Size of Territory, Climate); Plants (many listed, with uses); Beasts, Birds, Fish and Other Marine Animals (also notes food and uses of bone, shell, hides, etc); Social Customs; Culture; Medicines; Habitations; Appurtenances to Dwellings; Furniture and Utensils; Clothing; Blankets; Personal Adornment; Working Implements; Weapons (clubs, bows, arrows); Fishing Implements (spears, hooks, nets); Industrial Processes (leather, baskets, ropes); Locomotion and Transportation (canoes of several types, poles, paddles, oars, sails, rudders, snowshoes, horses); Measures, Values, Counting; Writing; Games and Pastimes; Field Sports and Festive Games; Music;
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