TWIN PEAKS Gold Box DVD Postcard #58 BLACK LODGE Glastonbury Grove POST CARD 58

Here is a hard to find SINGLE collectible postcard from the official "Greeting From Twin Peaks" set . These top quality postcards, essentially oversized trading cards, were found only in the earliest editions of the TWIN PEAKS Gold Box DVD sets from late 2007. They were randomly packed, so you never knew which ones you'd get. The card here is #58 The entrance to the infamous "Black Lodge" at Glastonbury Grove . Abandon hope, all ye who enter here! POST CARD SINGLE This is the 2nd or 3rd RAREST CARD in the entire regular set, and is SELDOM offered. Don't miss it! The picture shows the card you will receive. Any imperfections are in the scan only. The card is totally unused, and in "AS NEW" Near Mint to Mint Conditon This is card number 58 in a series of 61. Please see my other listings right now for more singles from this postcard set, including several of the rare ones. I have FIFTY+ different ones listed right now, so win them all and get over 80% of a complete set all at once! Each of these cards is not only beautiful, but also a true limited edition, almost certain to never be reprinted or reissued. They are now nearly 5 years old and can no longer be found in the Twin Peaks DVD sets that are currently available brand new from the major distributors. PLEASE NOTE : This listing is for a single post card ONLY . There are no DVDs ... read more