TWIN TOWERS New York City Musical Theater Broadway Snow Globe 2000 Times Square

I have up for your consideration a new Broadway 2000 Musical Theatre Snow Globe. This snow globe features the Twin Towers, New Year's Eve 2000 Ball, Broadway Show Titles and city streets of New York making it a wonderful collectible. My daughter was a young child on Broadway at the time and we were given two of these snow globes as gifts - one for her and one for me. I put them safely away for her. I recently asked her if she wanted them and she said no so I thought I would sell them so that others could enjoy owning them. They have never been displayed, only took it out of the Styrofoam to take pictures. I noticed that they do have an air bubble. I checked online to see what others were selling them for and the condition and I see that they all have the air bubble. It measures about 6.5 inches tall. I checked to be sure the music box works on it and it does, it plays the song, "Auld Lang Syne". The condition is of course perfect, no chips, cracks, leaks, they aren't dusty or dirty, the bottoms even has been covered with the plastic, then in Styrofoam and then in a plain brown box, exactly as given to us long ago!
I will carefully pack it for you. It comes in a plain box and then I will ship in another box - I know it adds to the weight and you shipping cost but since it is so fragile I want to be overly cautious
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