Twinned PYRITE CUBE Crystals Cluster - Navajun, Spain


Size: (overall)

1.6" x 1.15" x 1.3"

40mm x 29mm x 33mm


2.7 oz

77 grams


Navajun, Spain

Twinned Pyrite Cubes from Navajun, Spain. Features 3 large twinned golden Pyrite Cubes, free of matrix with lustrous mirrored faces. The largest cube measures 21mm x 19mm x 17mm and is twinned by cubes measuring 22mm x 19mm x 15mm and 18mm x 17mm x 12mm. A fourth incomplete cube appears as well. These Pyrite Cubes twins are completely natural, not cut or formed in any way. While Pyrite is a common mineral occurence, the cubes found in Navajun, Spain are rare in their near perfect cubic formation. Fantastic mirrorlike golden sheen to the cubes. A light rough area on the back of the piece shows w the specimen was once attached to matrix rock and is common to all twinned pyrite cube specimens. A great specimen for display and study.

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