Twisting Toyz 1:6 Monte Cervino Alpini Ski "DOMENICO

New from Twisting Toyz
1-6 scale 12" figure
"Domenico" Monte Cervino Bn WWII
This auction is for the new Twisting Toyz 1/6 scale Italian figure "Domenico", Monte Cervino Ski Battalion Alpino, WWII 1945.Distinct headsculpt, detailed equipment this figure is very well done.
Domenico comes with the white camo special alpini uniform complete with white camo helmet and mountain boots and a collectible information sheet with the history of the "Monte Cervino" Battalion fighting at Nikolajewka (Russia) in 1943.

* Mod 38 Cav rifle with 2 spare ammo clips
* Non camo helmet with the alpini logo
* Alpini hat with feather
* Italian grenade
* Pick and holster
* Special camo alpini belt
* Two optional gloved hands
* Optional non camo belt ammo pouch
* Rucksack


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