Twiztid Cryptic Collection Holiday Edition ICP RARE

Twiztid Cryptic Collection Holiday Edition - very rare & limited edition only 100 made
These very limited CDs were handed out at Baller's Christmas show a couple years back & it was supposed to be for the first 100 people in the door and even though I was like the 20th person in I got the last one coz some girls were nagging the merch guys endlessly and they ended up getting a ton of copies just to shut them up. But this is my one genuine copy that I was lucky to get. I hate to give it up but it's the only thing I've got of great value and I need to make a serious investment in my future & this is the only way for me.
The CD is in NEW condition even though I did open it just to see what the CD looked like, but didn't have to play the CD itself because I had the free download. I tried to preserve the shrink wrap as best as I could and the detail in the scanned photo will show you that just the bottom corner of shrink wrap is missing.
01. U Ain't Never Heard of Santa - Big Stank & Lil' Poot (2001)
02. Come All Yea Faithful - Jeb's Baptist Revival (2001)
03. Waiting on Christmas Gifts - Twiztid, Blaze, Violent J, Syn (2001)
04. Christmas In The Hood - Twiztid, Wolfpac, Lavel, ROC, Blaze (2003)
05. Enough About the Fuckin Pretzel - Twiztid & Lil' Johnny (2004)
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