Two Ancient Bison Buffalo Skulls Extinct Nebraska

For sale is a set of two bison or buffalo skulls. The first one, the bigger one is an extinct species that was a mature male called a Bison antiquus occidentalis . Horn tip to horn tip measures 32 inches. The base of the horn core measures 12.5 or so in circumfrance. It was found in Southeast Nebraska. The horn cores are robust and have a basal burr, indicating a male; the large size of the horns vis-a-vis the rest of the skull indicate an aged male animal. This buffalo bone specimen is probably about 6000 to 9000 years old. It is in not the greatest of shape. I have glued pieces back together, and painted it with a preservative . I used a steel bar on the base to help keep it together. I have several teeth that are worn down that were found insitu with this skull. Paleo Indians, disease, fire, and many other reasons killed these buffalo. But on this large skull, it was probably old age. With worn out teeth, he probably could not keep properly nourished.

The second skull measures 25 tip to tip. It has a 9 inch horn core base. It was found on the Nebraska-Wyoming border. This one has a dark patina, and has the lower, drop horn look, but probably is a bison-bison, although I do not know for sure. One horn tip is broken away. Besides the horn, it is solid and in pretty good condition.

The bones are nearly fossilized,
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