Two Back To The Future Delorean OUTATIME License Plates

As we are going into our third year producing the OUTATIME Plate, we had a little screw up along the way. We had a run of OUTATIME Plates with the holes cut wrong, someone must have been a little tired that day! So we have decided to have a little sale. We are selling two plates at one cost and we are only offering 25 sets, at this price. You get 1 (one) Standard Correct OUTATIME Metal Stamped Plate with 1 (one) sticker kit. You also get 1 (one) OUTATIME Plate with screwed up holes, they were cut in the corners of the plate, instead of the standard middle. You can use the other plate for the "damaged" spinning plate, or put it on the front of your car. Anyhow, they are both Metal Stamped and screen accurate.

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it is, the only Screen Accurate Back To The Future OUTATIME CALIFORNIA LICENSE PLATE. This plate was made from an original prop plate and is accurate in every detail. After many attempts to get this plate correct, we are finally ready to present this product for purchase. Many other companies have attempted to get this plate correct and we have learned from their mistakes. First off, this plate is METAL STAMPED, with the correct size and dimensions for the OUTATIME including the correct CAPITAL "I." Also, "The Golden State" at the bottom of the plate
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