TWO CNAC Bullion-Metal Silver Wings: AVG, Flying Tigers

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In the eyes of American historians and militaria collectors, CNAC (the Chinese National Aviation Corporation) will always be associated with the AVG and Flying Tigers of all sorts since many of those AVG pilots went to CNAC on the disbanding of the AVG in 1942.

This is a FANTASTIC MATCHED PAIR of metal-backed, theater-made, 100% correct CNAC bullion pilot wings. You will NEVER see another pair like this come to market -- it is UNIQUE. It could easily have belonged to an American Volunteer Group pilot but the fact is lost to history now.

These are a must-have for AVG, Flying Tiger, and CBI collectors of advanced status.

You are unlikely to ever see a more beautiful matched pair of wings - EVER!

is some history of CNAC for those who are interested:

Before America's entry into the Pacific war, CNAC pioneered the famous route over the Hump between China and India. When the Burma Road was cut off by the Japanese Army during WWII, this route became the only source of outside supply for China. CNAC's operation of an airlift over the Hump became the most glorious chapter in a notable history.

It was the world's first major airlift, and
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