Two Diaries James Deweerd Minister To Actor James Dean

I'm offering these two personal diaries of James Deweerd, the minister and personal friend of actor James Dean. As a youngster, Dean moved to Fairmont, Indiana when Deweerd was in his 30's and spent a great deal of time alone with Dean. Deweerd also performed the eulogoy at Dean's funeral with Rev. Xen Harvey, pastor of the church. Deweerd eulogized Dean as "a boy...who knew how to seek counsel from men older and wiser than himself". Mr. Deweerd was Rev. James A. Deweerd, Minister of Indiana Wesleyan Methodist Church. He was known to like poetry, classical music, and the company of young men. One of the books is an actual diary, while the other is a small phone book that he used as a diary. The inside of the phone book states that this is the "Property of James Deweerd, 606 Pine Ave, Chicago, 44. A line is drawn through the address. The address under that is 290 S. Union St., Pennville, Jay Co., Indiana, P.O. Box 267, Phone - Portland - Pershing 1-2701." His writing is difficult to read and mostly consists of quotes, Bible verses, words of wisdom, and a lot of Religious jokes. He writes about Negros and Negresses includes several jokes about them. He mentioned Jayne Mansfield and that she she starred in "will success spoil R. Hunter - was a complete bust. " HE DOES MENTION JAMES DEAN. In his diary, he lists the people who are

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