Two Wheel Coffee Grinder/Mill,Sm.Coles No.2, Orig Paint

This is the Coles Manufacturing Co. No. 2 two wheel coffee mill/grinder in it's original paint with decals. It has the name in raised letters in the cast iron above the drawer and on both wheels. Around the grinding mechanism on one side is the patent date of Sept. '90. It was manufactured in Philadelphia, PA. It measures 14" high and the wheel diameter is 9 1/2". Henry Coles who worked for Henry Troemner (Star Mills) obtained three patents for the Troemner Co while working t After leaving the Troemner Co. Coles got 2 patents of his own in 1887. He got his last patent in 1890 and started his own company called "The Coles Manufacturing Co" in 1890. Two years later he died but his company continued to be run by a man named John Braun who had worked with Coles. The company operated under the Coles name alone till about 1910 when it became Coles Manufacturing Co & Pennsyvania Lawn Mower Works. This coffee mill is in really good condition with all it's decals in good condition. The paint is in really good condition. The wooden base is original though it has a crack in the back but not serious. The grinding mechanism inside is all t It has the original all tin drawer with the No. 2 in gold on the red paint but it is worn but still readable. Althought the earlier Coles Mills didn't have a top this looks like it did but the top is

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