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Great Source for Historical and Genealogical Research History of Hood County, Texas U S A 90-Page Book! Early days in Hood County, Texas, are explored through a colorful retelling of historic events in this reprint of " History of Hood County" by Thomas T. Ewell, originally published in 1895. The 3-color cover is printed on 80# card stock and protected with a vinyl sheet.

The booklet, printed on 60# opaque paper, contains 90 pages. However, because we use a 2-up format on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, it has the equivalent of 175 pages from the original book .

Today Hood County includes the following cities: Creson, deCordova, Granbury, Lipan and Tolar.

A few of the many subjects covered include: a description of the area, pioneers, settlements, "Fighting Joe" Roberson, the "Vigilants", the Crockett and Patton families, Fort Spunky, Friendly Indians and Indian raids, murders and lynchings, Andrew Jackson, Paluxy, the Civil War era, Schools and Teachers, government and early officials, locating the county seat, lawyers and doctors, a stampede, the Masonic lodge, the town builders, Thorp College, Add-Ran Christian University, Four politically prominent men -- Morris, Estes, Traylor and McGaughey, and an updated look at Hood County in 1956.

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