TY Beanie Babies & Teenie Babies Lot of 26 All Retired

This auction is for 23 TY Beanie Babies and 3 TY Teenie Beanie Babies. Most have tags.

Included are:

TY Beanie Babies:

Aurora the Polar Bear Date of Birth (DOB): 02/03/00 Retired Giraffit the Giraffe (No Tag) DOB: 08/31/03 Retired Fraidy the Car DOB: 11/13/00 Retired Rescue the Dog - to honor our heroes who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Retired Diddley the Fantasy Dog DOB: 07/25/00 Retired Hippie the Rabbit (No Tag) DOB: 05/4/98 Retired Daisy the Cow DOB: 05/10/94 Retired Scary the Witch DOB: 11/25/00 Retired Tricky the Bear (No Tag) DOB: 11/15/02 Retired 2001 Holiday Teddy DOB: 12/24/00 Retired Mr the Groom Bear Retired Mrs the Bride Bear Retired 2001 Signature the Bear Retired Classy the Bear (No Tag) DOB: 04/30/01 Retired Clover the Bear DOB: 03/17/01 Retired Quivers the Ghost Bear DOB: 11/21/02 Retired Eggs II the Bear DOB: 08/15/01 Retired Dearest the Bear DOB: 05/8/00 Retired Issy (Doha) the Bear In memory of Christopher Sharp 1960-1978 Retired Mom-e the Bear DOB: 05/12/02 Retired Cheery the Bear DOB: 08/18/00 Retired Cand-e the Bear (No Tag) DOB: 12/13/01 Retired Haunt the Bear DOB: 11/27/00

Teenie Beanie Babies:

Nut the Squirrel DOB: 01/21/96 Strut the Rooster (No Tag) DOB: 03/08/96 NaNook the Husky DOB: 11/21/96

All Beanie Babies are in good condition.

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