Ty Teenie Beanie Baby Lot (48) In Pkgs 1999-2000

Includes teenie beanie babies listed below, all from anon-smoking home. I have had them instorage containers almost since they were first purchased new. All are in excellent condition, in their original packages, unless otherwise stated. I am selling my entire collection, so check out my other beanie babies and buddies up for sale. I will combine shipping costs.

T-Rex, Rex, 2000 Elephant, Righty, 2000 Donkey, Lefty, 2000 Stegosaurus, Steg, 2000 Polar Bear, Chilly, 2000 Brontosaurus, Bronty, 2000 Elephant, Peanut, royal blue, 2000 Camel, Humphrey, 2000 Bear, Erin ( St. Patrick’s), 1999, plastic on pkg. slightly dented Bear, Maple, 1999, plastic on pkg. slightly dented Bear, Brittania (Brittish), 1999 Bear, Glory (American), 1999, plastic on pkg slightly dented Bear, Millennium, 2000 Bear, Germania (German), 2000 Bear, Libearty, 2000 Bear, Spangle, 2000 Bear, Osito (Mexican), 2000 Bear, The End, 2000 Snake, Slither, 2000 Stingray, Sting, 2000 White Tiger, Blizz, 2000 Orangutan, Schweetheart, 2000 Butterfly, Flitter, 2000 Dalmation, Dotty, 2000 Rhino, Spike, 2000 Walrus, Tusk, 2000 Fish, Lips, 2000 Bee, Bumble, 2000 Spider, Spinner, 2000 Lion, Bushy, 2000 Cat, Flip, 2000 Seahorse, Neon, 2000 Bunny, Springy, 2000, lavender Fish, Coral, 2000 Ladybug, Lucky, 2000 Jellyfish, Goochy, 2000 Ostrich, Stretch, 1999 Leopard, Freckles,
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