Tyco Action Freight Train Set Includes: Santa Fe 4301

The external box (circa 1969 - unsure) may be battered but the contents are individually boxed and are in good working order.


Tyco Industries inc. Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

Piggyback Flat Car Set

Operating Crossing gate No 908:600

Skid Flat w/3 Tractors Western Maryland 351A:300

Gondola Monon T310F:229

Unloading Car Set Remote Log Dump Truck 926:900

Refrigerator Car Dairyman’s League 329G:250

8 wheel Caboose Santa Fe 327J:350

Diesel Alco Century 430 Powered-Lighted Santa Fe 235C:1600

Due to the unfortunate demise of an avid model train enthusiast, his widow has asked me to offer this boxed set for auction; she assures me that they are in good working order. She is looking to supplement her income.

The shipping Weight (including the outer box) would be 4lbs 8oz with an extra charge due to size.

The individual contents could also be securely boxed at a weight of 3lbs 10oz

Shipping and insurance to be paid

Thank you for looking.