Tyco HO Gauge Model Train Set Santa Fe 2 Engine Freight Cars & STUFF~ Lot~

This train lot has been rescued from a basement where it has sat in a box for many years
Many of the items were pretty dirty and dusty,, I cleaned them up somewhat to be presentable for pictures
The actual train cars I cleaned up pretty well,, but the new owner may want to give them the final q-tip touch
The two locomotives are really in pretty nice condition,, as they were wrapped up when stored away
The light blue freight car "THE ROCK" is missing one axle and 2 wheels,, should be an easy fix
The Texaco tanker is missing one of the side ladders
All of the other train cars look to be in pretty nice condition aside from being lightly dusty
There are many plastic cars included with this lot,, but I am not sure if any of them belong to the auto loader car
I went through all of the accessories and track while laying them out for the pictures
Nothing is in horrendous or in abused condition,, but there are some parts and pieces that maybe cracked, chipped or broken
It looks like the railroad crossing is missing all of its accessories
I believe everything shown in the pictures could be used one way or another for a train layout,, if you like your accessories in perfect condition this lot probably is not for you.
Shipping weight is between 6 and 7 pounds