TZK 10X80 Russian Military Binoculars

Russian Military Binocular TZK # 0086 1978. Original box 0086. Tripod. TZKlittle used. Good condition. Binoculars in good condition, fully functional. Has minor paint chips. Lens in good condition - clear. Details can be seen on the website (English)

This binocular was originally designed for detecting of targets by anti-aircraft batteries, fire correction, and determining the angular deflection of the explosions of anti-aircraft shells or tracer ammunition. The instrument consists of a 10x80mm binocular augmented by a 8x commander's monocular. The eyepieces of the binocular are inclined 60 degrees relative to the optical axis of the objective lenses; the light path of the monocular diverted is by 90 degrees. The wide-angle eyepieces feature comfortable eye relief and diopter adjustments for eyeglass wearers. A sturdy tripod with leveling adjustments is provided, as well as sets of internal interchangeable filters: blue-green to protect the observer's eyes against laser radiation; light orange to increase contrast under hazy or foggy conditions, and neutral density for observing under brilliant daytime conditions. The reticle and scales are illuminated for low-light observations.

Clear aperture, mm




Field of view, deg


Eye relief, mm


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