U.S. 1863 F.S.S. Civil War Sword Elmsford MS C. Roby

U.S. 1863 F.S.S. Civil War Sword. Marked near the handle the best I can make out is: Elmsford MS C. Roby. It's in good condition definitely rusty but no big chunks taken out of the sword . I've tried to capture the whole sword but will send additional pics if you'd like. DUE TO EBAYS POLICY THIS ITEM WILL NOT BE SOLD OUTSIDE THE US AND NOT BEING OFFERED TO INTERNATIONAL BUYERS SO PLEASE DO NOT BID....THANKS. Please email me with any questions before bidding. I accept money orders, cashiers checks or Paypal. I will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items if not insured. Please see my refund and return policy noted. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY, IF YOU BID THEN PAY.....CONTACT ME WITHIN 3 DAYS OF AUCTION END FOR PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS IF NOT I'LL RELIST WITHIN 7 DAYS AND LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

Thanks to my friend Michael:

Christopher Roby, W. Chelmsford, Mass.
Christopher Roby ran a prolific, but short-lived swordmaking business from 1861 until 1867. In this time, his company produced 32,200 M1860 cavalry sabers (dated 1861,63,64, and 65), 3500 M1840 musician swords (dated 1863-65), 12,500 M1840 NCO swords (dated 1862-65), and an unknown number of M1840 light artillery sabers. Except for the first sabers sold in 1861, Roby's marks generally followed two forms. The NCO, musician, and rarely cavalry swords had a circular
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