U.S. Marine Corps Nutcracker Ornament Collection

This auction is for the Fifth Issue in the U.S. Marine Corps Nutcracker Ornament Collection.

Included are 2 USMC Nutcrackers in Dress Blue Uniform. 1 is wearing Dress Blue Deltas. All are of enlisted rank.

The first one has a base that says, "Knowledge" The second one has a base that says, "Loyalty" The third one has a base that says, "Tact"

**These are Authentic Bradford Edition. Each package of three comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the styrofoam box which holds the nutcrackers. Each nutcracker is in it's original plastic wrapper and fits into it's own space in the box.

These have been displayed once for a very short period of time. They have been sitting in the Bradford storage box ever since we moved nearly four years ago. T is no damage or dust on any of these. Beautiful condition.

My husband spent 20 yrs in the Marine Corps, retiring in 2004. I bought these for him as a sort of retirement gift. He is keeping two sets of them and parting with the rest.
He really hates to sell them but is offering them up so we can pay off some bills and become debt free. We are following the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover plan and are selling lots of items.

My wish is that these will go to someone who will cherish them and cherish the meaning behind them. The Marine Corps
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