U.S. Navy Deck/Foul Weather OG Jacket 42-44 LARGE

U.S. Navy Foul Weather Jacket Vietnam Era and later

Jacket, Cold Weather, Permeable

LARGE 42-44

DLA100-85- C-0806

This is a genuine U.S. Navy cold weather jacket commonly known as a foul weather jacket or a deck jacket. This jacket is in very good condition. The cuffs and zipper are in excellent near-new condition (see photos).

The coat is clean and ready to wear. The size is Large 42-44. T are no makings or stencils on the jacket. The only issue with the jacket are some tiny holes from welding sparks on the lower left sleeve (see photo). Otherwise, the coat is in excellent condition.

This type of jacket was worn aboard U.S. Navy ships from the late 1950's through the late 1980's.


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