Up for sale is a rare barely used Flight Deck Crew Aircraft handler's Yellow USN Flight Deck Helmet Cranial and yellow vest. These are issued to personnel on aircraft carrier. Job of the aircraft handlers include parking aircrafts, getting them ready for catapult shots and assisting with deengagement once landing on the deck. All deck crew are recognized by color of jerseys and helmets, not by rank and names. THis one has the reflective tape, and as such is the tradition in naval aviation, has his call sign marked on the cranial. Reflective tape on front and back, with headphones to dull the noise of hornets , tomcats and vikings. This was issued in March 2006 and you can check the specs on the label. Genuine combat new flight deck helmet from rare and dangerous rating and job. Someone will walk away with a steal, Another similar just the cranial for medical not including the vest went for 177.00. See item 110206229853 for reference, the helmets are identical except for the color and rating.