U S Patch Collection airborne division bullion oval

Small collection of 65 [ sixty five] shoulder sleeve patches all mounted on 7 old black photo album pages measuring approx 11inch wide and 15 inches long.These were founfd in a photo album at a garage sale and i am keeping the photos and selling the patches.This is a nice started collection...Most apear to be unused,but some like the 4th Army air corps patch is dirty and appears used,.They appear to me US made,tight weave, embroirdered cut edge type.One is bullion,one appears to be a larger squadron type,T is no mothing, tears ,rips but t are a few loose threads.The black pages are old,a little brittle,some edge tears or small edge rips.The patches are identified with writing under the patches.I believe the headings are correct.Most patches identified some not..The patches include the following patches....38th infantry division,41st infantry division, 42nd infantry division, 71st infantry division, 86th infantry division, 81st division , 84th infantry division, 40th infantry division, 31st infantry division, 103rd infantry division, 100th infantry division, 102nd infantry division, 5th army group, Alaska command, military district of washington, Tank destroyr, China India Burma, Western defense command, 49th Anti aircraft artillery brigade, 63rd infantry division, 1st infantry division, 2nd infantry division, 3rd infantry division, ... read more