UB U-B Blue-Black STANDARD Control Deck MTG Magic: The Gathering

This listing is for a STANDARD MTG Magic: The Gathering UB/Blue-Black Control Deck. This deck is one of my FNM decks that some people refuse to play against. This deck will lock your opponent down so that he can’t make a single play unless you let him, all while letting you draw into the cards you need to end the game. A couple of my favorite combos include counter/removal spells + Surgical Extraction to cripple their win condition, and Sorin’s Vengeance into a Snapcaster Mage + Sorin’s Vengeance flashed-back for 20 damage (often a game-winner). Also included are several cards (listed at the bottom of the auction) that I’ve thrown together in order to give you alteration options for this deck. The cards in this deck are PLAYED but have been in Dragon Shield sleeves their entire lives, so they are still in great shape! This deck is intended to be used, but would also be a great addition to your collection or trade binder. I really hope these cards end up at a great home, and I hate to see them go. If you have any questions about this deck, how it’s played, or anything else, don’t hesitate to message me!
This deck is being sold AS-IS .
The photos included are ACTUAL SCANS of the cards that you will be receiving!! (None of these cards are bent, folded, or torn. If it looks that way it’s because of
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