Uber 0 Set ALL FOUR 4 Covers NM/NM+ Regular Wrap Propaganda Blitzkrieg Avatar

Uber 0 Set ALL FOUR NM/NM+ Regular Wrap Propaganda Blitzkrieg Avatar
Unread and never removed from bag and board! All were received through my subscription service and went straight to short boxes for storage. These are the actual comics you will get! If you would like extremely detailed scans of these items or have any questions at all feel free to ask.
***Updates*** -All comics priced $9.99 or up receive upgraded packaging to a professional cardboard comic mailer. -All comics purchased at 19.99 or over receive a FREEBIE of my choice. Usually an Image First or something I have multiples of. Don't worry...no 90's comics! -Priority Shipping is now an option for individual listings. If you're purchasing multiple items combined shipped does NOT qualify for this shipping method. Please contact me and I'll give you an estimate for the new price.

These comics are in NM/NM+ condition and will ship out the same or next day! I am a collector first and foremost and only sell to buy more comics. I am not a spectator nor am I trying to get the best of anyone. I will give you the same service I expect when purchasing on eBay. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will respond promptly.

All comics are bagged and boarded. Your comic will be shipped between cardboard and put into a padded envelope so the comic
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