UEFA Champion League 2011-12 Official Match Soccer Ball

adidas UEFA Champions League 2011-2012

Official Match Ball

Soccer Ball

2011/2012 Season

size 5--style # V87371

Bring the adidas Champions League 2011-2012 Official Match ball to you next match. You will love this soccer ball. It is simply the best playing soccer ball on the planet. And, it is one great looking ball.

The adidas Champions League 2011-2012 Official Match Ball is a FIFA-Approved Premium Match Ball. Is was awarded FIFA's highest rating.

The ball is designed with a new Scientifically Engineered "Micro-Texture" surface structure that provides more friction between the ball and the player's foot and allows the player to control and direct the ball perfectly in all weather conditions. The revolutionary PSC-Texture consists of a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball's outer skin that guarantees optimum grip between the ball and foot.

The ball includes adidas' flight correctional engineering. Because the ball is so round--almost too perfectly round, the ball has slight "ridges" built into the bladder of the ball that show through the cover causing slight turbulence around the ball in flight providing truer trajectory.

It is approved for circumference, weight, rebound and (resistance to) water adsorption.

The ball has been
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