UEFA Champions League Football Soccer Patch Badge 96-03 x 5

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UEFA CHAMPIONS League Football Patch 96-03 x 5 "How many?" - 5 sets "What for?" - Suitable for all Champions League 1996 - 2003 Jerseys "Material?" - Felt raised/ velvet material
To be applied on the sleeves of Champions League team Jerseys Champions League Star Ball - Right
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DIY Instructions - Easy as 123! 1. Turn OFF steam setting on your electric iron. 2. Ironing board should NOT be used - make sure the ironing surface is HARD eg. Table. 3. Set the iron to required setting and allow iron to HEAT UP . Use cotton/ linen settings for cotton as this are usually the highest settings found. 4. Place a thin CLOTH (eg. T-shirt, pillow case etc) onto the hard surface. Place garment on the cloth. 5. PLACE the patch in the required position making sure the glue side is on the garment. 6. COVER the patch with another thin cloth. 7. When the iron is heated up (HOT!) , place it on the cloth, above the patch and press firmly for approximately 35-40 seconds. 8. For LARGER patches, lifting of iron may be required to iron on other unheated sections or parts of the patch. 9. Let the garment and patch COOL , then FLIP it over/ inside out to heat the garment behind the patch. 10. REPEAT the process on the rear of the garment/
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