UFO Flying Saucers/Outer Space Comics 22 issues (pdf)

UFO Flying Saucers Comics (scanned pdf)
UFO Flying Saucer/UFO & Outer Space Comics on CD-ROM Who doesn't love comic books? We'd all be millionaires today if only our mothers hadn't tossed out our comic book collections! This is a CD-ROM with .pdf files consisting of high quality scans - and they look much better than the reduced size graphics shown - of the UFO Flying Saucer and UFO & Outer Space comics from 1968-1979. You can peruse these files reading the stories that used to captivate our imaginations when we were kids. And don't forget the great ads for T-shirts, sew on patches, posters, and the pages with the great PRIZES you could get by pestering all your neighbors and relatives to buy greeting cards from you! WOW! Only 16 boxes to get a GENUINE wood guitar!! Did you ever want one of the soldier sets? You could have the Revolutionary War, the Civil War or WWII soldiers, delivered to you in a footlocker! And what would you do if you had the incredible sum of FIVE DOLLARS for an allowance EVERY WEEK for an entire year? Think that contest is still running? Take a trip back to your youth and read these fine old comics without having to pay collector's prices for them! Titles included on this CD are: UFO Flying Saucers 01 1968 UFO Flying Saucers 02 1970 UFO Flying Saucers 03 1972 UFO Flying Saucers 04 1974 UFO
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