The UFO Micro Furnace is an award winning invention!
This unit is a new design, as it now sports a stainless steel torch.
Finally... Here is the UFO (The Unbelievable firing object) we have been talking about. It is now available. This is the basic UFO kit! What you will receive is the UFO MICRO FURNACE, the docking station, 3 graphite crucibles,1 melting dish, that will not crack under the heat of a cutting torch, 5 1.5 inch cupels, 1 base piece, 1 top, 1 pair of tongs, 1 stainless steel torch with a four foot hose and swirl flame tip, that is much hotter and lasts much longer, and 4 ounces of Amalgamite! You will also receive the new instructional cd. This is what you need to get started. With this unit, you can easily melt gold, platinum and silver... This unit also purifies the precious metals more each time you process it. There is no need for MAPP gas, as plain old propane does the trick wonderfully! For the first time ever, the prospector or miner can do on-the-spot assays, at the mine site or clean up concentrates at the river's edge, and go home with sellable gold in their hand. This unit will all fit in a backpack, along with two or three bottles of propane and you still have room for your lunch. The furnace itself will fit right in your shirt pocket! This "little hottie" will easily melt gold, silver and platinum,
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