UK made Ultra soft Italian Leather Guitar Strap 130cm Electric Acoustic Gifts


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Guitar Straps - and the quest for quality...

There are tons of guitar straps to choose from. However, after years and years of gigging in the real world, we have surmised from experience that you definitely get what you pay for. When you bear in mind that you're using a guitar strap to hang an expensive instrument on, the quality of manufacture becomes even more important.

We chose to stock these Ultra soft Italian Leather straps because they tick all the boxes. Are there cheaper leather guitar straps out there? Yes, but they're not usually very comfortable. Are there more expensive straps out there? Yes - but usually they're more expensive because they have a well known brand name printed on them. These guitar straps are the best of both worlds - you get a very well made strap, suitable for all guitars (all makes and models of electric guitars and electric bass guitars, plus all acoustic, semi-acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars) but you're not paying for a famous brand name. NB: If using this leather guitar strap on an acoustic guitar, and your acoustic guitar only has one strap button, you'll need a piece of cord to tie the strap around the headstock.

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