UK Military Surplus RAF Sergeant's No1 Dress Uniform Jacket 112cm Long Fitting


Sergeant's No1 Dress Uniform Jacket


Tall Fitting

Sergeant's stripes , spread eagles patches on each shoulder & ribbons as pictured.

Jacket Pictured

available in all sizes,

(male & female)

Jackets,Trousers, Skirts, Shirts, Ties, Uniform Belts (metal Buckle) & Uniform Protectors.

Further Information about this item

We h and pick all our items, we only sell New & Grade 1 items.

If it has been issued, there is a chance that the serviceman it was issued to, has discreetly written his/her name on it.

No item is ever sold in a dirty state (unless clearly stated), and all items have been washed in accordance with instructions prior to me purchasing them. If nescassary I myself arrange cleaning, it is however recommended that you consider washing the item when you receive it.

Unfortunately, with the majority of UK military items, there is no mention of material composition, if you are concerned, please ask us & we will try to give an opinion on it.

If you notice a mistake in this listing please let me know.

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