The Ultimate John F. Kennedy Uncirculated Coin and Stamp Collection - see pics

There are all kinds of collections for John F. KENNEDY, BUT NONE LIKE THIS! To start with you give stamped and unstamped loose Kennedy stamps from that era (see pics) as described. Some are loose, some are glued.
You get a historic recollection of John F. Kennedy starting with The 1965 coin commemorates a 1940 Kennedy graduation from Harvard, then it goes into the 1966 coin commemorative Kennedy as a war hero in the south Pacific and so on to 1995 commemorative historical Nov.22, 1964 Assassination.
All have stamps (see pics) and all coins are uncirculated some with tinting, most with proof like sheen. This is the best collection if you are a Kennedy collector. 53 total coins.
Designer: Gilroy Roberts (obverse)
Frank Gaspard (reverse)
Bicentennial : Gilroy Roberts (obverse)
Seth Huntington (reverse)
Get the uncirculated coin, with the Kennedy stamp for that time period and a historical rendition to go with a very nice collection all in a nice Kennedy binder. See all pics. Could not show all pages, but will guarantee they are as described.
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