Ultimate Soldier 1:18 Me-262 Yellow 7 Messerschmitt

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From 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier 1:18 scale Xtreme Detail German Messerschmitt Me-262A-1a Jet Fighter 11./JG 7 – Oberfeldwebel Heinz Arnold (Spring 1945) Item No. 10185 S1 Openable Canopy VERY Detailed cockpit Real material seat belt buckles Workable wing/Tailflaps Detailed Gun bays Workable landing gear/wheels Landing gear is very detailed Detailed gun bays at the front of the plane Comes with a fully poseable pilot Historically accurate German decals are included 23" Length 27" Wingspan
The Yellow 7 was attached to the 11th Staffel of Jagd Geschwader 7, and was flown by Oberfeldwebel Heinz Arnold. Arnold was an ace with 49 victories when he was shot down and killed on April 17th, 1945, scant weeks before the end of the war in Europe. His first 42 victories were achieved on the eastern front. His last seven victories (five B-17s, one P-51, and one P-47) were all made while flying the 262. JG 7 was one of the top jet fighter units and could be easily distinguished by their red and blue Reich defense bands on the rear fuselage.
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