Ultimate Soldier RUSSIAN SPETZNAZ 12" Figure

Highly Detailed Figures by 21st Century Toys the makers of the Ultimate Soldier Figures. The Ultimate Soldier Russian Spetznaz Action Figure. Virtually unknown to the Western Powers until the 1970 s. The Russian Spetznaz were the elite, highly trained forces of the Soviet Army and Navy. The Spetznaz (troops of special purpose) is the name widely applied to the units considered to be the elite in comparison with the general troops of each of the armed forces.It is 12" tall and scaled to combine with the large GI Joe Figures This is one of the best in the line and it is well suited for the serious collector and is also very durable and good for many hours of playing.


Shipping is $6.95 in the USA and CANADA

Attention International bidders $18 Airmail