With the release of the third movie tonight at midnight I am putting up a brand new tpb lot of the complete series Ultimate Spider-Man by THE MAN Brian Michael Bendis, I hope the pushes more people to want to read comics, because its comics like these that a lot of people are missing out on. This is the modern day telling of Peter Parkers story from way back when Stan "the man" Lee wrote it, you will not only get a sense of what the story was like back then but also Bendis' flair and great modern style.
Auction starts at .99 cents as usual with no reserve! Happy bidding and Good Luck!
Shipping is $18.95 for U.S. $21.95 for Canada.
Allof my comics are 1st print and mint condition. They come straight fromthe distributer, then I use cotton gloves and bag and board each one immediately. Why buy comics from the comic store that manhandles them and charges retail? All of my comics are at least 30% off, pay no taxes if you live outside Illinois and they are mint! If you don't see what you want whether its a comic, trade paperback, graphic novel, bust/statue, or Manga I CAN GET IT just give me a message and I will let you know the cost, get it for you, and post a listing for you to purchase it.
Shipping will be $3.50 for the first comic and .25 cents for each additional single comic and $2.00 for each additional TPB or Graphic
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