ultra rare mint condition Black Horn of Heaven 1st Edition LCJW-EN297 Hot Card!!

This is an ultra rare of Black Horn of Heaven LCJW-EN297 in absolutely mint condition from the Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World set, 1st Edition. $1 shipping (US), no returns. I have actually been selling cards for the last 15 years and have been playing yugioh for the last 11 years. We ship within one day of the money appearing in our paypal account, double sleeved, with index cards taped in such a configuration that unless the USPS tries to bend the card in half, it will arrive to u in the condition stated. $1 shipping encompasses all shipping and handling expenses: i.e. envelopes, stamps, soft sleeves, index cards, etc. In the case of "Free Shipping", the card has enough value to eat that as a courtesy. We have satisfied customers in 35 US states, 2 US territories, and as well as 2 other countries (please check feedback of all satisfied people with the way I ship). Thank you for your business. If I personally pull 2 or 3 copies and they all are mint I only include one scan. Auctions ending over $10 card will have a top-loader and be double sleeved. For International customers: the cheapest method I have to ship outside the US is a parcel US Postal Service. The fee for that is $6.55. ATTENTION CANADIAN CUSTOMERS! - please inquire and u may have it shipped (and the invoice corrected by me) as an envelope at the cost of $2.40 ... read more