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This COLLECTIBLE BRIAR PIPE is an ULTRA RARE , NEW and UNSMOKED ALGERIAN BRIAR HAND MADE in NEW YORK CITY by an American Master Carver - - - BEN PROTTER!!! Dating from the 1950's, it is a small Group 4 Size and a CLASSIC OVAL SHAPE complemented by a DOMED RIM and HAND SHAPED VULCANITE MOUTHPIECE !!! It is not only NEW and UNSMOKED , but is also in VERY PRISTINE CONDITION !!! Of course, ALL BEN PROTTER Pipes are RARE COLLECTIBLES but finding one in this condition is especially RARE and provides a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to acquire a MUSEUM QUALITY piece of American Pipemaking History!!!

Do not feel badly if you do not recognize the name " BEN PROTTER" !!! Very few pipesmokers of our generation (even dedicated collectors) have heard of BEN PROTTER , let alone seen any of his pipes. Obviously, this results in part from the passage of time and the passing of two generations since PROTTER Pipes were in great demand on the East Coast! Each region within the United States seems to have its own craftsman whose work was seldom seen outside their immediate area. Their limited production was quickly acquired by local buyers. On the West Coast, smokers have their "favorite sons" whose work is a little-known east of the Rocky Mountains (like Paul Perri, Ken Erickson, Gil Krisor and Sydney Ram to name a few)
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