ULTRA RARE *Vintage* Norman Rockwell "Freedom from Fear" Print WITH Essay

This is a reproduction print directly from the Saturday Evening Post - as far as I can tell - distributed only to clergy during the war bond craze. It took me several hours of researching to find what little I did about this print. It is so rare, the only other one I can find like it hangs at the University of Minnesota's library. There aren't even pictures on the vast world of the internet.
It appears to be in "okay" condition. The glass is quite dirty on the inside and the frame is quite heavy. The print is matted. I could take it out to lessen the shipping costs if you are uninterested in the frame. It is a very old frame, anyway. This was hanging in the basement of an old preacher's house for over 50 years (though he wasn't old when he hung it, I imagine).
The essay itself is quite interesting to read. It is super rare to have both the essay and the painting together.