Ultrasabers Star Wars lightsaber Dominix V2 LE Blazing Red 36" Anakin Obi-Wan

Hi thanks for viewing this listing! I just unwrapped this today. This listing is for one Ultrasabers lightsabers - the Dominix V2 LE. The LE (Limited Edition) indicates it has silver rings and is a two tone design. The silver rings really surprised me in person because they look very beautiful like rings/jewelry. Blade color is Blazing Red. The red is a very bright color, very true red and not too orange or too pink. Very saturated. Even though it comes out as uneven and orangish in pictures it's not like that in real life. It is MUCH more evenly lighted than appears in pictures.
Includes AV switch upgrade. Stunt saber ( sound not included ). These are very well made out of aircraft grade aluminum and these particular hilts are super comfortable with multiple choke points . I will include a 36" Ultrasabers blade. If you have a preference of which type or size please let me know, at the time of listing I have both available. If you prefer to buy it with no blade you can subtract $15 (either through terms of best offer or as a refund after purchase etc. email me with questions).
As of the time of listing I also have other blades available for substitution:
- 24" midgrade (subtract $5) - 36" heavygrade (add $8) - 32" or 36" midgrade/Ultraedge
Please email me before hand if you are interested in a change.
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