uncanny x men 120 , cgc 8.0 , wh. pg, alpha flgt

hello and thankyou for looking,

up for sale is uncanny x men 119 ,

cgc 9.0 off white pages - white pages ,

alpha flight cameo

not that this matters, but the reason im selling alot of comics is $, had a bad week,

well thats all folks, except for the following, i leave feedback as soon as i recieve the money,

and save on shipping if you win two or more autions... ty anthony

ps - i seen a good friend today who has 50 something silver age ff ,

and he ask me to sell them on ebay for him, because he never used ebay and his no time...

so to all parties interested keep a look out in 1 or 2 weeks...

case is in great shape, please excuse the lines..