Uncanny X-men - Comic Lot

Please read this very carefully. I am not an expert on comics - or grading them as to how good they are - so I will describe all of these comic lots to the best of my ability. All of these comics will be "Final Sale" - and that means NO Refunds - so please understand that before bidding. I had helped out a friend of mine a few months back - you see her older brother had recently passed away. He was a shut in and lived in a basement appartment. After his funeral, they began to clean out his living area and found a few tubs of old comics. Then, in a crawl space under his floor, they found hundreds of comics that he stored t I had heloed my friends by selling them on E-bay. I was notified that they had found more comics and they would get them to me. I had completely forgot about this until today, when they brought them over. So I have listed all of them in order to help raise some cash for the family. NOW - comes the important facts.

These comics were not kept very well. They were not protected or sealed in plastic. Many are faded, dirty and dusty, and they have a musty odor. T are a few real old ones that are pretty beat up - however - all that I litsed are very readable. Condisering how they were kept, I am surpriosed at how good they are. T are some comic magazines, a few odd ball stuff, but mostly superhero comics, like
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