This 1970's Replica 12" GI Joe 35th Anniversary Limited Edition, Collector's Club Adventurer with Life Like Fuzzy Hair is a wonderful example of the limited quantity, highly valuable commorative figures of GI Joe collectibles. These Action Figures celebrate The 1970's when The Gi Joe line began introducing its exciting adventure figures.

The Figure and Accessories are in never circulated,original sealed plastic and box and have NEVER BEEN REMOVED FROM the Packaging.

This Adventurer has the 1970's-style body and hand shape, dark-skin and beautiful brown eyes with the trademark dark fuzzy hair.

He comes with the following equipment : Authentic reproduction 1970's box, discriptive folder about this line from 1970-2005, directions for boot removal, sealed packet with insignia, handgun and adventurer lapel pin,Tan adventurer shirt with insignia and matching pants, boots,cross-body shoulder holster and adventurer dog tag.

This is a Very High-Quality Set. The Fabrics are Substantial on the uniform and the Accessories are wonderfully detailed. The going rate for this item on other sites ( IF you can find him) is $100.-$150, and the ones I have seen were not still sealed in the original plastic.

If you are a Collector this figure will provide enjoyment and Value $.

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