Uncirculated 1883-CC-O Carson City & Toned New Orleans Mint Morgan Silver Dollar

1883-CC & O

Brilliant Uncirculated

Carson City & New Orleans Mint Mark

Brilliant "Cartwheel" Luster*

Morgan Silver Dollars

90% Silver Dollar over 130 years Old
Key Date Carson City Mint Mark & New Orleans
Legal USA Silver Coinage
Investments and Collections
See HD Scan coin scanned = coin shipped (Signature Required) ( Signature required adds $2.00 + $5.00 for Priority) Ebay requires a signature for items that sell for over $200. Priority mail isn't "stolen" as often and Signature should eliminates local thieves who might want your mail.

Note: Mirror Fields scan black on my full spectrum HD scanner.

Carson City Mint History. The state of Nevada was once part of the Utah Territory, and known as Carson County. The first settlers arrived in Eagle Valley in 1851, establishing a trading post for the great 'gold' migrations to California. Most of the settlers returned to Salt Lake City with the ebbing of the California Gold Rush, and an empty Eagle Valley was ultimately purchased for $500 and some horses by New Yorker Abraham Curry and friends. Curry founded Carson City (named after the trailblazer Kit Carson) in 1858, but his wildest dreams of building a city could never have envisioned the growth that would follow the 1859 discovery of the Comstock
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