(2) Uncirculated 1885 Morgan Silver Dollars. P & O.Nice Luster & Coins! NO RES!!

Killer pair of Uncirculated 1885 Morgans up for auction here! The coins come form two different mints, the coin on the left is from philadelphia and the coin on the right is from New Orleans. You will see that both coins have nice luster visibly present, and it appears that the coin on left P, has a bit more luster than than the O. The coin on left P, is probably is little better grade all around. It seem like these coins have enough luster, and not too much wear or many bag marks visible. The close up pic of Philadelphia coin is depicted in pictures 3 & 4. The close up pic of the New Orleans coin is depicted in pictures 5 & 6.
Take a good look at my pictures provided and you be the judge of the coin grades for these two beautiful Morgans!
Best of luck to ALL Bidders!