Uncut sheet $5-5-5-5 Citizens Bank Louisiana 1850's New Orleans Choice CU 1 of 2

$5-5-5-5 1850's The Citizen's Bank of Louisiana

New Orleans

Uncut sheet of four (4) notes

Grade is Choice to GEM Uncirculated

NOTE : This week I am selling a high grade group of Louisiana Obsolete sheets - several design types with some duplication - from an old accumulation straight out of Louisiana. The quality is EXCELLENT.

This is a beautiful sheet, with vivid green overprints and a blazing red back, and no folds or brutal bumping.

If this sheet were to be cut into singles, the yield would be four (4) GEM CU notes.

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Offered with NO RESERVE!!


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I personally grade everything I sell, I stand behind my grading, and I am confident you will find my opinions on grading to be accurate and CONSERVATIVE. Nearly all of the third party-graded notes I sell were originally purchased as "raw" (ungraded) by me, then submitted to the grading service for independent grading by me - - if you are the high bidder in one of my auctions, you will be the first owner of that freshly-graded note, fresh from the grading service. No tired, recycled banknotes from Goodpaper!

At this time, I use both Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) and Professional Currency Grading Service (PCGS)

Review my feedback and decide for yourself. I offer a full (7) days NO QUESTIONS ASKED return privilege. This return option applies to all third party-graded notes well. I intend to earn your trust and satisfaction.
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Boys Town, NE 68010 For uncirculated raw/ungraded notes, I utilize the Dual Grading System, which is endorsed and in use today by a number of the currency hobby's most honest and respected dealers. The dual grading system recognizes the importance of both PAPER QUALITY and CENTERING by assigning separate grades to both features, rather than trying to arrive at a single "net" grade that attempts to blend and factor both paper quality and centering into a single grade.
In the Dual Grading System, the first term refers to the paper quality and the letter in parenthesis indicates the centering. Centering grades are:
(vf) Full margins and well centered on both sides with only a slight shift evident; also called "Gem" centering
(f) The shift is obvious but not at all objectionable. Could be well centered but with narrow margins.
(a) One or more margins are close or touching, or the note in general is very off-center and distracting.
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