Uncut Sheet of ALADDIN Spectra Trading Cards (Mint)

You are bidding on one beautiful uncut sheet of the 3-card Spectra Set that was a component of the Aladdin Series of trading cards released by SkyBox in 1993. This uncut sheet is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT for framing. It measures 18 1/2" X 18 7/8". T are 8 images of each of the three Spectra cards that comprised this set for a total of 24 cards on this sheet. The cards are in absolutely perfect condition. It is virtually impossible to find an uncut sheet like this in mint condition since they were never sold or made available to the public or given to trading card retailers. It is the only one I received from SkyBox. They are so rare that they are not even listed in guidebooks. The sheet has been well stored since I received it as a sample from SkyBox while working directly with them on this very same set while I was at Disney in the mid 1990's. The paper stock on these cards is heavy so the sheets must be rolled very carefully in order not to create any creases. It will be mailed in a large cardboard tube that I have been researching to make sure that the sheet will fit and not crease. This is a MUST HAVE for any Aladdin or Disney fan. Good Luck.