Underwater waterproof dry bag+headphones for MP3 iPod

Shipping Refund & Replacement Payment Method Swimming waterproof bag and headphones for iPod, MP3, MP4 features Waterproof Pro-Sport MP3 / MP4 Case, A must have for all watersports enthusiasts who never like to be without their favourite tunes. A heavy duty waterproof padded MP3 / MP4 case that floats if dropped in water thanks to the ingenious air injected pockets.
Pro-Sport MP3 / MP4 Case is specially designed to protect your MP3 / MP4, but will also fit many similar sized and smaller MP3 / MP4 players.
Supplied with safety break neck lanyard, fully adjustable neoprene Velcro sports arm strap.
MP3 / MP4 players fully usable once sealed in the case and are guaranteed submersible to 6m / 19ft, protecting from dust, sand and dirt.
MP3 / MP4 dive waterproof bag features
100% waterproof;
Floats safely if dropped in water;
Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m;
Keeps out dust, sand and dirt;
Built in gold headphone jack for earphones;
Size: 9 x 15.5 cm .
Also included are the 100% waterproof headphones with comfortable in-ear design and are perfect for use with all types of sports and activities, and sound great above and below the water.
Designed for use with all music players and guaranteed to a depth of 19ft / 3m.
Dive waterproof headphones features
100% waterproof,
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