Old Underwood Portable Typewriter 1930s Near Excellent

This is a Very nice Underwood Elliot Fisher portable typewriter that comes with the original case. It is completely smooth operating and no keys stick; I don't know what mint condition means for typewriters but I'm going to say this is excellent condition, ready to use. The typewriter/case is 12"x12 & 1/2"x5 & 3/4" in size.

The existing ribbon is a little dry though but will type black. T is a pic of the purchasing/warranty label on the inside of the case and has the date of 1935, etc. All I can see is that it might need the little vertical prongs which guide the ribbon closer to the platen, because t appears to little attachment openings. The case has one broke hinge but the case closes fine and can carried w/o a problem. T's a pic of this. The case handle is leather and is nice. All the feet are t if removed from the case. T are no nicks or scratches on the metal and the platen and spacer bar look of limited use. This typewriter is shiny. The case has some slightly worn corners and a small paint drip (see pic). The serial # on the bottom is: 765333.

Please contact me for any questions. Thank you for looking.