Unfired Marx Miniature Buntline Six Shooter Toy Cap Gun

For your consideration today is this excellent, unfired vintage 1960's Marx Miniature diecast Buntline Long Gun Six Shooter toy cap gun that is a very neat looking item! Be sure to read the entire listing so you can learn all the details on this neat item! Also be sure to check out the other items we have listed since we always combine similar items won with adjusted shipping!!

NO International Sales

~~ Description: We are selling this unfired, vintage 1960's Marx Miniature Buntline Longun, toy Six Shooter capgun that is one cool looking item! This toy has not been fired and appears to only have been handled a few times over its life, it does not have the factory card, and the item was made in the USA for the Marx Collectors Series. This is a toy gun, it cannot fire any projectile, nor can it be adjusted to do so! This is a miniature toy used for collectible and display purposes only!

~~This neat little toy measures 5" long overall, then around 1.5" tall. The toy has not been fired, there is a little pin on the right side that you push to the left that allows the gun to open, the item remains in great shape structure wise with no broken parts, the grips are in great shape as well with beautiful luster and neat design with some sort of animal head that looks like a horned steer, I assume. There are some minor
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