we have a very nice Quartz Crystal Point that I aquired about 6 years ago as part of an Eastern Seaboard collection. This is kind of a tough one for me to id. At first glance I thought it was a Guilford Point but the closer I looked at it and the more I examined it under magnification, the more I leaned toward calling it an Un-Fluted Clovis. Quartz is a very hard material and was very difficult for the Natives to work which would explain an Indian deciding to leave out the Fluting Channels in fear of breaking the Point in half. T are many documented unfluted Clovis Points but they are actually more rare than the Fluted variaty. This Point to me more closley resembles an Ufluted Clovis than a Guilford so I call them as I see them so I have to id this specimen as an Unfluted Clovis. T were many very nice Quartz Crystal Points in the collection which were reported to be found in the Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina area. I'll start the bidding out at only $9.99 and no reserve price! This is an authentic specimen that will be a welcome addition to any collection of Indian Artifacts.

Type = Unfluted Clovis
Material = Sugar Quartz Crystal
Origin = Eastern Seaboard Area
Length = 1 3/4" Inches Long
Width = 15/16" Inches Wide
Guarantee = 14 day Return

This Artifact does not carry a

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