UNGHANS J. Pendulum WALL CLOCK, pre-WWII vintage German

Pendulum WALL CLOCK, UNGHANS J. from Germany

Estate item, vintage J Unghans Wall Clock from pre-WWII Wurttemberg , Germany (my adapted Dad was t then) and possibly up to 120 years old. The major dimensions of the cabinet measure in at 20" tall by 12" wide by 7" deep. The key and the black finish look new-ish indicating the clock was restored something in the last 20 or 30 years. The pendulum is highly adjustable for different length swings, and though vintage I suspect it to be an upgrade from the original. The movement of this clock looks to be mostly made of solid brass with great care to ensure the accuracy of the timing and to last for generations. Though painted I suspect the turned cabinet is made from a fine grained wood such as Walnut. The front and 2 side glasses are intact and may be modern replacements. ...all in all it's a nice vintage German wall clock ready for hall or den decor. Since I hung it on my wall Saturday it only has run intermittently, it may need the cobwebs cleaned out of it or other minor service.

Condition: Used Good. Overall good shape for a gently used estate item considering age and service. The case may have originally ad a top but now looks to be damage free. The face is an original vintage paper and has some small spots of deterioration.

The clock almost runs, when 1st
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